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Troubled Asylum Book for sale- Ebay

A second edition Troubled Asylum has surfaced on ebay and currently the bidding rests at $37 with 6 days to go.

This book is hard to get hold of due to its limited release, so if you have always wanted a copy start bidding. I would expect this second edition will fetch at least $80 based on previous sales.

*CONDITION:  This is a soft cover book.  All pages intact and clean. A very good condition.  Inside front cover has a name that has been whited out with a thick white out liquid that has dried.  Owner could take sharp blade and scrape most of it away I believe so white out is not so thick.   *

Front cover- Has a crease that can be seen from inside the book but not as much on front of book.  It is simply from opening the book and the cardboard cover is fairly thick.

*No other writing, yellowing, spotting;  has a tightly bound spine.  It has a bit of wear on the front corners (top and bottom) of front and back cover but not much. Just from being opened and read.  This is a clean copy and comes from a non-smoking home. *

There is a crease across the back page of this book diagonally across bottom left hand corner.

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