Contact Person Nick Jarvis

Tunnel- Flinders University Meet and Greet

Tonight APIU met with Assoc Prof Heather Burke where all issues regarding the Tunnel was discussed. The reason for the visit was to get a bit of an understanding of the site meet with all the stakeholders involved, and listen to  some of the stories and information behind the infamous tunnel.

They will get a sneak peak of the tunnel tomorrow before heading back to South Australia, to do some initial behind the scenes work.

At this stage it appears the students will come out in February 2015 to start studying the tunnel. It is envisaged that this partnership between Flinders University and the Derwent Valley (Willow Court) could last up to 10 years.

From what I heard it sounds very exciting and will be great for the community.

Heather Burke was happy for me to be involved in the process and in turn I will be able to give everyone up to date information.

Stay Tuned.