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TUNNEL- The Latest Sighting


I have been trying to research and find this tunnel for a number of years. I have been told about its existence by a number of credible people. Council workers told me they seen the tunnel in Burnett St whilst they were installing the planter boxes a few years ago, they stated it was big enough to walk thru. Another source also told me it was big enough to walk thru and had a small drain running thru the middle of it. I have also been told many years back that a Backo fell partially into the tunnel outside Ward J.

I do know 100%  that there is a drain that runs underneath Burnett St as I have seen the Mercury news paper clipping on TROVE:”lachlan%20park”%20%20drain%20sewer&searchLimits=#pstart1890481

So Far the Council have denied any information in regards to the tunnel. It can’t be ignored now it has gone statewide in todays Mercury 12/11/11. Something has to be done to protect the tunnel before its ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Here is the latest up to date information regarding the Tunnel