Under the Microscope- The Willow Court Project (Demolished Wards)

Today on Under the Microscope we are going to look at a segment that teaches you a little bit about some of the Wards that were lost due to demolition which I'm sure most people did not know existed.

A quick look at some of the absolutely beautiful wards that were demolished would bring a tear to most people’s eye such as the old B ward and Clock tower.



The 1960’s was a period of great change at Willow Court most stemmed from the 1963 report by the Cunningham-Dax. For example the report suggested the rear of the Barracks be demolished immediately, and suggested others follow suit when the patients were accommodated elsewhere.
The report is a must read for anyone interested in Willow Courts History.

A direct link to this section can be found here https://willowcourtproject.com/demolished-wards/