The Journal that started it all- Royal Derwent & Willow Court

This Live Journal was the inspiration that led me to pursue my own explorations and journalling at Willow Court.

Way back in 2006 I was walking my dog near Ward 10, when I found an open entry point into the Ward. My dog went in first and I anxiously followed. We only went in a few meters before walking straight back out.

The reason why I felt anxious was because I had always been concerned about the trespassers prosecuted signs.

I grew up in New Norfolk and post Willow Courts closure in 2000 I had ample opportunity to explore the Wards when they were freshly closed but, it went against all my morals and values. So being in there in 2006 didn't feel right, but on the other hand it felt so right.


I think the next day I did a random google search on Royal Derwent as over night I became fascinated with the site and wanted to know more.

Back in 2006 there was next to nothing on the net. I think the only thing that popped up was a site called which is still there today. Then suddenly I stumbled upon this journal.

It was a journal of a lady, similar age to me who was journalling her explorations at Royal Derwent and Willow Court. I was hooked, and since that point my fascination, and passion for the site grew by the day.

Its still a very fascinating read, you need to remember this was back in 2005, so the site was shrouded in even more mystery than it was today.

This week I will be uploading some of the videos, pictures and findings from her work at Royal Derwent. I'm sure the true enthusiast will enjoy delving back into the earlier days post closure.

23 August 2005 @ 12:31 pm

Hello to all that may be reading this. I don't know exactly how to start, so here it goes.

This is an on-line journal to document my research of The Royal Derwent Mental Institution - AKA Willow Court, situated in New Norfolk, Tasmania, Australia.

The aim of this research is to look into the history of Willow court and the urban myths of haunting. By the end of my journey, I hope to compile a documentary on the subject, as I am returning to school next year (fingers crossed!) to do a Vocational, Educational Training (VET) course in Television Production.

I have so far only driven through the Royal Derwent complex, yet it had already made an impact on me. As soon as you drive through those gates, it's like this cloud of sadness covers the place. You just feel so sad, empty and helpless.

Apart from that, I haven't got too much - this is just the start.

I will be adding some links, though, to a few sites I have found with general history and stuff.