Virus Video 10- Ward 3 Willow Court, Royal Derwent Hospital

Next video up in a short walk-through of Ward 3.

The workers who went around marking the wards prior to demolition etc, marked the wards all wrong.

We saved that chair along with another chair you will see at around 2:20min. It was placed in front of Ward C's airing yard for a long time before being removed. Unsure where it is now, I reckon the Council probably threw it out.

Funnily enough, not long after this video, I thought to myself I should take that plaque for safe keeping. Not long after this someone I knew who also explored these wards took the plaque and eventually lost it.

I remember there was a lot of banging noises happening inside this ward during filming. I was a bit on edge lol.

Love that Kitchen!!!

And you get to see what I looked like over 10 years ago, fair to say I have changed since then, thank-god!