Virus Video 13- Ward 7 Part II, Royal Derwent Hospital Willow Court

Welcome back to Part II of Ward 7 Walk-through 2009.

  • This video starts on the left wing of Ward 7, where all the rooms were located.

  • Those showers were seriously hard to get into.

  • The chocolate room, still smell that room today. Some people had a lot of fun throwing around those trays and throwing chocolate everywhere.
    At one point either a catering place or food based organisation stored a bit of inventory inside this ward.

  • So sad seeing the toys in the rooms. Makes you wonder where they came from before they were donated to RDH and what sort of "life" they lived during the years of operation and where they are now.

  • Now we are walking over to the right wing of ward 7, the wing that would have been closest to the road or the new Gateway estate.

  • The Devil/Demon I loved this piece, it was one of many great pieces of art throughout Willow Court. I do have a graffiti video I will re-post at a later time. A colleague/mate Aiden has got this piece tattood on his calf.

  • That room is toasted! completely burnt out, almost like a giant incinerator room.

  • Another great piece of art in a great Ward!