Virus Video 15- Royal Derwent Ward 9- willow court

The thumbnail picture to this video always intrigued me. Never quite new what sort of animal it was and exactly how it met its demise.

As you can see I was pretty happy to be able to access Ward 9 for the first time.

There was still a lot of old furniture laying around in this ward, hence probably the reason why it remained secure for such a long time, even though the stuff in there wasn't worth much.

Classic place-mats, I bet a lot of people had something similar on their tables growing up.

Enter the chair grave yard!

I remember I was interrupted by a strange car lurking around the building. Funnily enough a week or so later I found out who was driving the car. They travelled down from Launceston just to visit the site. Wish I had of known at the time.

Loved how they spray painted over the top of the toothbrushes etc.

Pornographic material in bath tub lol

A very, very cool ward to explore.