Virus Video 20- Alonnah Part's I , II, III & IV


Part I starts off behind Alonnah, the "backyard" if you will. There is a large open area behind Alonnah, which can be accessed by a kitchen door and main drive way of Alonnah. You can also access Alonnah's small Airing yard and the large Ward C airing yard from the "backyard".

We gained entry by what I believe would be the Main Entrance, which is down the long driveway of Alonnah. Over the past few years if you were lucky enough to go into Alonnah you would have entered the other end opposite Bronte or Agrarian Kitchen.

The smell was coming from a toilet area at the far end of the ward facing the Lachlan Rivulet. Something must have died in that room, you can even hear the blowflies buzzing around.

How great are these Christmas Cards! There such a cool glimpse into the real human "normal" side of life that many don't think about. I like how Myrtle got a mention, its a Ward you don't hear much about.


I called them Cells, as that's what they pretty much were in this ward.

I have heard the holding cell, was used as an observation room and visit room.

There was one Cell in Alonnah that has a steel roller shutter on the window. Looking back on it, I don't think it was a servery for med's, food, drink etc. Believe it was more for necessity.

After closure, Alonnah was used as storage hence why you often find bits and pieces that don't normally belong in a Ward.

I remember in the bathroom there was a old Air Freshener Can, it still had aresol in it, I remember spraying. I can still recall that smell today.


Part III starts off in the end room, opposite Bronte, which is currently the main entrance. We got some cool evidence in here. Stay tuned to our upcoming Series for the more about this evidence.


The Airing Yard, very over grown lol. As Alonnah was used by workers in particularly grounds keepers etc many fruit trees were planted in the airing yard. Some report the fruit grown in here to be very tasty.

Hmm maybe a good beer/rum could be brewed/distilled with this fruit?

Towards the end of the Airing yard there is a door that would take you into the IT building, or the current New Norfolk Distillery.