Virus Video Distraction 1- Ward 2, Ward 4, Ward C & Ward F (with special comments)

This was my first ever youtube video way back in 2008.

Crazy seeing how far technology has come. I was using fairly high end camera and video software but by today standards it looks like I filmed it using a potato.

Ward 2

I remember trying to read the plaque through the view finder. Fair to say first and last time I did that, very hard to read that way.

I wonder what happened to the plaque? Have a feeling it was crushed when the ward was demolished.

Was a great ward to explore

Ward 4

*Was the toilet paper ward. LOL some kids would have had some fun doing that. In light of the Covid 19 Toilet Paper Hording fiasco current, what a bloody waste of precious toilet paper. I currently have no toilet paper at home, wish I could have borrowed a few rolls of that before it was thrown throughout the ward. *

Ward C

You can tell I was a little green with Willow Court info back then.
I was behind Alonnah/IT building holding the video camera through a metal gate trying to get a view of Ward C, which at that time was inaccessible.

The airing yard

Was not Ward D, it was the airng yard that links Alonnah, IT and Ward C.

Ward G

Well what a creepy Ward. It was pitch black in there even during the day.

Ward F

The same as Ward G.


Love the Rob Zombie song at the credits. I forgot about that.

I miss the Royal Derwent Wards as we used to call it.

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