Virus Video Distraction 2 - Royal Derwent & Willow Court- Grounds, Ward 2, Ward G

This video a walk through the ground starting on the oval, behind Ward G then on to Frescati.

Ward 2

The next Ward I explored was Ward 2, found it interesting how they had almost hospital ward dorms with curtains between each bed, and a sink and mirror at the end of each dorm.

Ward G

Ward G, not D lol. Zone Unlimited I wonder what that actually was. Was it a day programme for the patients? Or was it painted installed after Ward G closed. I believe a few clubs including a soccer club used it at one point. The Mosaic on the wall and plaque above were Made by New Norfolk High School.

You get to see the "Tram" which was a central nurses station and get a glimpse of the doors inside ward G.

You can see I had a crack of trying to make contact with any spirits inside Ward G

Watching this video makes me recall the awful smell inside Ward G and the sound of the cracking glass under my feet.