Virus Video Distraction 3- Royal Derwent & Willow Court Walkthrough- Ward E, Ward 5 & Ward 4

The next instalment takes place back in Sep 2008 and walks through Ward E, Ward 5 and Ward 4.

Title of the video wasn't great lol

Ward E or Esperance 1936

I start at the bottom level facing the oval and walk up the stairs and into the main dormitories. Wow youtube have done a real number on the quality of this video.

At this time the front doors of Ward E were closed and secure, actually hard to remember this Ward being closed up like this.

I have always wanted one of the doors in Ward E

Ward E was in surprisingly good nick back in 2008

Airing Yard, Alonnah & Ward C

I filmed this from a hole in the fence behind Alonnah. This was the only way to access any part of Alonnah and Ward C back then

Ward 5

Even from way before 2008, Ward 5 was gutted inside. I have never found out the reason why, but I suspect the notoriety from the Ward 5 Ghost is behind this.

Ward 4

Love the little hatchet laying right in the entrance of Ward 4. What a great ward this was to explore. You can see this has a different internal layout than Ward 2 we saw in a previous video. Im fairly certain whilst filming this a Man and his son walked into Ward 4. You just never knew who or what you were going to run into.