Virus Video Distraction 4 - Willow Court, New Norfolk Tasmania- Childrens Ward (Ward G)

Again this video takes place in 2008 and features Ward G and Frescati. With me this night was the Aiden, Glenn and Shaun it was probably one of our first explorations/investigations together.

I was pretty fascinated with Ward G as it was very eerie ward. It was always pitch black regardless of the time of day and always seemed to make the hairs on your neck stand up.

The nurses station/observation area was called the TRAM by staff.

You can tell we are still very green when it came to Willow Court and Paranormal Investigations. We have come along way since then.

That night when we left the voice recorder in Ward G, with the news article regarding the apology, something truly bizarre happened which I can not answer today.
I wish we had set up a camera.

When we got back the article had been moved. There was no wind or breeze. Upon playing back the voice reorder you hear us walk out of the ward then silence apart from the odd knock or tapping sound. Then all the sudden you hear something pick up the paper with force.
There was no one in the Ward as our voice recorder would have easily picked up the footsteps etc.
Think we have lost the voice recording now :(

Well you get to hear all the urban legends surrounding Frescati.