Virus Video Distraction 5- Willow Court Grounds Tour

Today I take you for a brief tour around Willow Court in November 2008 starting with Frecsati.

I remember this afternoon was a very peaceful, birds were singing in the background and it was getting pretty late in the afternoon.


I talk a little bit about Frescati and some of the memories I have of the site.

I still remember the Teepee, sometimes I think to myself was it just a dream. Does anyone else remember this?

You also see the old stables that were burnt down in 2009 I believe.


I forgot about the old green signs around Willow Court/RDH. Those green signs used to be everywhere throughout the site.

I also forgot about the old temporary fencing outside the Barracks, seems like a lifetime ago now.


Back then the Barracks used to have "painted on" windows and doors. All the windows were boarded up but someone actually painted window frames so it looked like real glass from a distance.
To the right of the central pavilion you can also see a pair of white legs. The legs belonged to a painted soldier in period uniform.

Ward C

At this stage I had never been into Ward C. God how I wanted to get in there.


The old brick wall, such a beautiful little walk especially in Autumn. This track lead to the hole in the fence where I could access the back of Alonnah and Ward C.