Virus Video Distraction 6- Admin Building, Lachlan & Oval

Set in November 2008 we explore Admin Building, Lachlan Ward and the Oval.

You could have purchased the Admin Building back in 2008 for around $350,000. Mind you every window was broken and there was a fair amount of damage inside.

I access Admin via the rear entrance. Sorry its quite dark in there and all the windows ere boarded up.

A very nice old building throughout.

Admin building actually has a stage, the stage is across from the Barracks. They used to have functions etc inside there. At that point you could go upstairs and look down on the stage.

On the top level at the end of the long hall way was a board room. All timber lined, nice light fixtures etc would have been a very nice place to be back then. However I always had a bad feeling in this room, dunno what it was.

I believe that large thick metal door was where the money etc was held for staff pays etc.