Virus Video Distraction 7- Willow Court/Royal Derwent- Ward 7 & Frescati

Sorry I haven't posted a video for a while, been super busy and distracted. Hopefully things have settled a bit and I can continue the series.

Ward 7

As you can hear it was the 14 November 2008 and we are in Ward 7. Ward 7 was a personal favourite of ours it was such a creepy yet interesting Ward at every turn.

I explain about the stories of the scream inside Ward 7.

Man I wish I had one of those doors now, got a great spot for it in the Man Cave.

Ahh the chocolate container room, I can still smell that smell today, so strong do vivid. The smell of that type of chocolate always takes me back to Ward 7.

The old Eveready Dolphin torches were not the best, LED's are so much better. However it was a catch 22, when your there you don't want it too bright for many reasons, but not having a bright light is a bit frustrating watching at home.

There will be some day time footage of Ward 7 coming up.

Ward C

Wow the build up I gave Ward C. Upon reflection I dunno about it being one of the most evil places in Australia. I would say its probably one of the most active.


We take an opportunity to get through a small hole in the fence and then through another small hole in a window to finally get inside Frescati.
To say I was a bit nervous was an understatement. With all the evil stories I had heard about this place and knowing the only way out is a small hole you have to squeeze through if you need to escape made the hairs on your neck stand up.

Also another Ward that had a distinct pungent smell, this time Possum and Rat poo.

This Ward had lots lots of Satanic Graffiti, which made things even more sinister.

I remember the guy who went in with me "Bigwood" came out with finger nail scratches down his back. He didn't know how they got there.

Admin Building

I show you the weird cupboard in the wall that when you open the cupboard doors you can actually step inside and it takes you to another room, Weird!
I forgot about this and really can't remember much about it now unfortunately.