Virus Video Distraction 8- Willow Court Frescati Cottage (Mental Asylum)


Last weeks video showed the first time that I went into Frescati.

I couldn't leave things there. I couldn't let an opportunity pass me by to access Frescati again before it was closed off.

This video is the first time I go in Frescati alone during the day.

As you can see it doesn't matter if its day or night in Frescati, its always pitch black in there.

I remember being on edge, but also in awe of how beautiful the building would have been in its prime.

Did you hear that noise at 2.19 min?
Well I didn't at the time and it was pointed out to me by a fellow youtuber.
I have no idea what it was.
What I can say is that, if there were people near by, I would have been quiet as not to draw attention to myself trespassing.

People also said they heard things throughout the video, do you?

A building that has a lot of Satanic graffiti and references.

And another look at the trapdoor.
Hmmm why was there a latch on the inside of the trapdoor?

Frescati- Still creepy during the day, absolutely haunting during the night.

Check out this link for more Ward information including Frescati.