Virus Video Series 18- Allonah Willow Court, NND

Allonah- what a Ward!

Earlier this day before the video you are about to watch, I stumbled across an open door leading into Allonah.

Now this was a big deal for us. Allonah is a high security ward meaning its hard for anyone to get in or out and over the years its always been fully secured.

I called Aiden that day and informed him that we had an opportunity to get inside Allonah for the first time. So we organised a trip up to explore Allonah and a few other wards.

You can hear a lot of background noise in this video. There was a party about 800m away and I think the speedway was on. It was one of those nights where sound travelled quite a distance with ease.

It was pretty nerve racking going in there for the first time in the dark. We heard a lot of noises which were not associated to the party up the road or the speedway.

Aiden felt very uneasy, and actually felt an object being thrown with force hit his foot.

This won't be the last time something is thrown with force in this ward.