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Want to Volunteer at Willow Court?? Then read this

* This also relates to anyone who has formerly volunteers at past Open Days or Working bees.

The General Manger advised that non-members of the committee who are involved in any way with Willow Court are not covered by Public Liability Insurance.  Therefore, all volunteers need to become committee members.  The General Manager advised that new members have to be recorded through a process to the Council, which can be an email list of the names, details of the person and how they are known to the committee. 


The General Manger will put up the current committee members to Council and those people who have indicated interest in the committee/being volunteers will be advised that they are required to join the committee for public liability purposes.  The names and details of these future members are to be provided in a report to Council by Friday 8 June.

Ok so if you are not already a Committee member and you want to volunteer in future events etc, you need to become a committee member. Please give me your details at

or via my facebook group!/groups/willowcourt/ so that I can pass these on to the General Manager by this Friday.