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What is happening to WARD F???


Last night I went into Ward F to check out the recent graffiti that was done there last Saturday and uploaded on you tube. I was shocked to see that almost all the front window frames of Ward F and some of Ward G have been removed.

When I walked into Ward F It was like someone has started to demolish the interior. The square Tram in Ward F is partially gone and the wall in front of the Tram has been pulled completely down. This does not seem like the act of kids, the work seemed pretty clean and semi professional to me. I mean how kids remove metal window frames and knock down a plaster wall that has metal framing.

The recent grafiiti isn’t that bad compared to what has been happening in there recently. Thats why the Graffiti video looked so light because all the front windows are gone and walls have been knocked down. Usually that Ward is pitch black even during the day.

Have I missed something, or is someone starting to demolish Ward F and G????  


Is someone making it even easier for kids to get in there and cause some sort of irreparable damaged so it can be knocked down?

Why can’t those big red gates surrounding the Oval wards be locked?? All it would take is some chain and a lock.

Why are we paying loads of money for a security guard at night when all the damage is happening during the day, seems like a lot of wasted money. I think if we are gonna spend money of security it has to be there around the clock or not at all.

Hmmm something just isn’t right.