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Just some points of interest from these minutes.


3.1   Security

It was reported that Andrew Bennet had been contacted regarding CCTV for

the site and that no further meeting had been arranged at this time. It is the

intention of the WCCSC to look at other security arrangements in addition to

CCTV, however Mr Bennet is only able to discuss CCTV. Jane Harrington offered

to seek additional information relating to security and work with Tony Wright.


10.1   Beechworth

The Mayor advised that he had been contacted by Dr Ian Burke who was

involved in the redevelopment of the Beechworth Asylum facility. Dr Burke is

interested in providing advice on the Willow Court site in an ex officio capacity.

[Beechworth Lunatic Asylum is a decommissioned psychiatric hospital located

in Beechworth, Victoria. It is currently owned by La Trobe University. There is a

similar site at Aradale in Victoria.]

RESOLVED that the Mayor should liaise with Dr Burke to organise a site visit

and to attend the next meeting to be held at New Norfolk.  


Interesting given that Beechworth run a successful ghost tour and Investigation Tour. I guess this way the Mayor will have someone to bounce ideas off for a similar venture at Willow Court.


** **

10.2 Vandalism and removal of artefacts

Deputy‐Mayor Lathey reported that doors had been removed in C Ward &

Alonnah. An amnesty period for the return of artefacts was suggested.


*Sad news, but how are these people getting in? They would have to be making quite a lot of noise to gain entry into the 2 most secure Wards in Willow Court. *