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Willow Court design nears- RESTORATION work at New Norfolk's Willow Court historic site is to start next month.

 THE MERCURY   |   March 18, 2013 12.01am

A convict hospital older than Port Arthur is at the heart of the site, which has been in Derwent Valley Council ownership since 2001.

Since last year, restoration has been in the hands of a council committee headed by former deputy premier David Llewellyn and project manager Brett Noble.

The pair said last week works over the next six to eight months would include external conservation of the hospital, which was built along barrack-square lines in 1830.

In a briefing to the council, they said the installation of a power supply was almost complete, giving a kick-start to further works.

Mr Noble said there was about $1.5 million available to do the priority work and it would have to go a long way.

This included the development of a visitor centre in a wing of the adjacent Bronte building (1925).

He said the two buildings were in remarkably good condition and it would be possible to reuse many original features, including doors and windows.

The site would soon close to all visitors for six to eight months but this would not affect nearby businesses operating in privately owned sections of Willow Court.

Mr Llewellyn said the committee was looking for an anchor tenant.