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Willow Court- Division over GHOST TOUR

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For those who haven’t seen this week article in the Derwent Valley Gazette I have uploaded a digital copy for you all. After reading the article I thought it was best to jot down a few of my comments/thoughts on the article, as overall there seems to be a bit of confusion.

**We all know that Australian Paranormal Investigation Unit (APIU) has been working closely with the Derwent Valley Council for a number of years with regards to Willow Court and part of our discussions has been Tours inside some of the Council owned Wards such as the Barracks, Ward C, Alonnah etc.  **This project is ongoing and slowly edging closer to a becoming reality, which a lot of people are excited about.

However In the meantime a group calling themselves Tasmania’s Most Haunted is working collaboratively with Hadyn Pearce a private owner of several buildings, to conduct a Willow Court Sleep Over Ghost Tour in September. Information on the tour can be seen on their Facebook page.

I must make it clear APIU are not in any way part of these tours. We do not endorsed, affiliate or support the work of Tasmania’s Most Haunted.

However it must be mentioned that we do support Haydn who has done a marvellous job with the wards he owns and has been an ally for several ventures we have been part of at Willow Court.

In the article The Friends of Willow Court (FoWC) believe that Paranormal tourism businesses have not consulted enough on next month’s tour.

** Vivienne DeBressac states that “when the groups first came along they said all the right things but haven’t followed through on it” **

I can’t comment on what Tasmania’s Most Haunted have done in relation to “saying the right things” etc, but know that APIU have consulted with multiple stakeholders over the years on paranormal issues and will continue to do so.

Vivienne DeBressac also states “first they were saying ghost tours, which left a sour taste in peoples mouths so they changed to night tours”. I don’t think that Tasmania’s Most Haunted have ever called it a ‘Night Tour’ from my research (unless they did so at a meeting),they have been pretty upfront about calling it a ghost tour.

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In saying that APIU have had several ideas for naming our tours and night tour was one of them. We do not like the term ghost tour, as it doesn’t reflect the type of tour we would like to conduct.

I do agree with FoWC in that whatever is operating out of Willow Court should take into account the emotional side of things and act with great sensitivity and respect.

I echo the words of Anne Salt & FoWC in saying any tours that APIU would conduct would also be based on factual well researched evidence and sensitively presented, in a respectful and friendly manner.

In wrapping up I think Haydn has every right to do what he so wishes with the wards that he owns and agree with his comments in relation to it being a positive. I also cannot see what this tour has to do with the FoWC. I agree if it was the Council owned wards then things would be a little different.

For your information three of the Co-Founders of APIU are travelling to Aradale in Victoria next month which was a mental institution very similar to Willow Court to take part in a Investigation tour which will assist in setting up our own tours in future.

**Whats your thoughts on ghost tours in willow court, **

Do you agree with FoWc?

Are you attending the above Tour?

Let us know.

Meanwhile here is the view from the streets.

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