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Willow Court - Home to Oldest Grape Vine in Australia / Southern Hemisphere


Willow Court is arguably home to Australia’s and possibly the Southern Hemisphere’s oldest grape vine, growing in the grounds of Frascati Gardens in the Historic Willow Court site.

The Grape vine is extremely lucky to be alive. It was left almost a skeleton after an arson attacks burnt down 2 sheds that the vine grew on in June 2010.


Frascati (1834)  Built by Colonial Secretary Burnett in several stages, Frascati was most likely Burnett’s country residence.

#### Frascati was let to Dr John Meyer the Superintendent of the insane just prior to Burnett advertising the property for sale. Dr Meyer eventually brought Frascati and sold it 6 months later to Archdeacon Davies.

In 1859 and was purchased by the institution for 1000 pounds.

In 1950s and 60s extensive repair work was done the building including the removal of 2 wings.

Over the years the Medical Superintendents occupied Frascati until 1972.

Frascati was not used again as a residence.

Speech therapy classes for children in Willow Court were held in Frascati after the 1980’s the house was no longer used.

The vine was almost lost due to an arson attack on two old sheds in June 2010 that the vine used to grow on.