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Willow Court- Mental health in the spotlight in Mike Parr’s Dark Mofo installation

The Australian

Mental health in the spotlight in Mike Parr’s Dark Mofo installation


I thought this article in The Australian was a rather interesting read about the upcoming Dark Mofo event Mike Parr at Willow Court.

***Some people are rather strict on their view of sensitivity at Willow Court, to the point where any reference of paranormal in Willow Court is insensitive. ***

I’m not that strict. I agree that we all need to treat the place with respect, however based on what I read in the article,  I find it rather difficult to see how Mofo can portray this in a sensitive way that pleases those people who are very sensitive.

Mofo has given written assurances that this event will be respectful to the previous staff and residents of Willow Court\RDH.

Either way I’m looking forward to it, and believe this event pave the way for other outside the square tourism ideas for Willow Court and New Norfolk, such as Night Tours!


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**Australia’s oldest mental health institution has sat on the banks of the Derwent River in the quiet Tasmanian township of New Norfolk for almost 200 years. For the past 15, the abandoned wards and empty corridors of Willow Court have lain dormant, disturbed only by the occasional possum or intrepid historian.**
**But the site is on the brink of its first major shake-up in 15 years. Australia’s best-known performance artist, the provocative Queensland-born Mike Parr, is set to head down south next month to stage an ambitious installation that will rank among one of his biggest yet, created for Dark Mofo, the Museum of Old and New Art’s winter celebration of all things dark and eclectic.**

“I think this is a new direction, this one,” the installation’s curator Jarrod Rawlins tells Review from Hobart. “You clearly have these psychological limitations being pushed, as well as the physical ones.”…………………………………………..

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