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Willow Court on David Letterman Show in the 1990’s


During the Halloween Fair I was checking out some of the new business that are opening or have opened up in the Willow Court Square. I was talking to Maree from Maree’s Kitchen who is a providore of fine foods and kitchenware among other things.


I was mentioning what I do a Willow Court as far my website and paranormal investigations. Maree informed me that she used to work at Willow Court from approx 1990 – 1993. Maree said she did a whole range of jobs at Willow Court during her time there.

Maree stated that she was working on the Switchboard when all the news and reports came to light regarding the Ward 5 ghost. Maree said one day she received a live phone call from David Letterman regarding the Ward 5 Ghost. Maree stated that at the time she didn’t know who David Letterman was and didn’t realize that she was live across America and around the world.

I was blown out by this story, it was so cool. Willow Court is always full of interesting surprises and stories.  I would have loved to hear that piece.


Maree also mentioned witnessing the spirit of a little girl the nurses cottage recently.