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Willow Court Open Day

open day

WILLOW COURT OPEN DAY 27 & 28 Nov 2010

Unfortunately there have been some changes to Inaugural Spring Festival which has been out of our control.

On a positive note we have decided to work collaboratively with the LACHLAN FESTIVAL- 28/11/10 and hold the open day on the same weekend so that both our events will compliment each other and enhance visitor satisfaction and provide more things to do and see in the Valley.
In order for this to happen the Open Day dates have changed to Saturday 27/11/10 & Sunday 28/11/10.

The Group apologizes if the date changes clash with existing commitments.
The Willow Court & Barracks Working Group is working closely with Council to negotiate what Wards will be safe enough for viewing as we hope to have more wards on offer than the last open day.

In order for this to occur people who put there names down as volunteers will be contacted shortly regrading working bees.
As soon as more information comes to hand about the event I will keep everyone posted.
Willow Court will be open on the 27/11/10 & 28/11/10, however the Lachlan Festival is only on the 28/11/10

To read more about the Lachlan Festival- 28/11/10 please click on the below link: