Contact Person Nick Jarvis

Willow Court Sign Stolen!!!

I have know about this for a little while but have been sitting on it wanting to double check with the Council and both Committees before I make this post public.

Sometime in November the Iconic Willow Court Barracks sign situated on the left hand of the barracks on the sentry box was stolen.

The sign read:

“This building, formerly a barrack square, is the oldest mental hospital in Australia.”


This is a very special sign, and I plead for its safe return.

Whoever took it or knows who has it could they contact me. I will not dob them in to anyone you have my word, and then we can arrange for a safe return, who knows may be a reward??  

We all make mistakes, so time to make the right choice, I’m not going to judge.

I just want the sign back so it can be placed back in Willow Court one day.