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Willow Court Tunnel Update- 2 Tunnels, one being a Super Tunnel


With news or any kind of update on the Tunnel going cold over the last few months since the uncovering of the tunnel video in March, I thought it was about time to investigate whats been happening at Council with regards to the tunnel.

What I was informed by one Councillor was truly incredible. The news had me imagining the possibilities for quite some time after. Whether what I was told turns out to be fact or fiction one thing is true it  adds yet another fascinating chapter in the story of Willow Court.

By the way I hope its fact!

The Cr Bester told me that the Mayor has told Councillors this week that he believes there are two tunnels running roughly parallel to each other & that one is the disused sewer and the other is the historical tunnel that’s easily big enough to walk thru. The Cr Bester stated that he does not know what evidence exists to support this view and looks forward to further investigations being carried out.

Stay tuned, as I will be following this story to hopefully uncover more information as it comes to hand.


To watch some footage of the tunnel please follow the link: