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Willow Court Update- recent Sales, Planning Applications and Developments

Firstly I will start off the piece was the on page 5 of the Gazette (16/1/13) Titled Shop Complex Closer.

It makes mention that the Oval precinct including the Wards has been made public and the start of the Willow Residences a step closer. The plans are on display at the DVC as of last week and will remain there till COB 23/1/13.

The plans for the WCC oval itself feature a large supermarket and twice the size of the current NN Woolies and space for a few other shops. These plans have been sent to Heritage Council for approval.

Cr Evans states it appears the plans of the oval will be in keeping with the adjacent Willow Residences and enhance the appeal of the development.


I also posted in he Mercury last week an application for planning permit for the RDH site or Ring Road. The proposal is a Major shopping centre. The applicants name is R Sadri and app no. is 68/2012

The plans and documents will be available for viewing at the DVC.


There is also a piece in NewsNN titled investment bonanza tipped, To read more please *visit *