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Willow Court Ward F Fire & Demolition Video


 Arson suspected at Willow Court- ABC

This makes me so angry! 12 fires in 12 months!!! come on

Twelve years its been closed and abounded with no fencing however Hours after the fire there was a fence put around Ward F (probably by the contractors) but this is a kick in the guts. Yes the Ward was dangerous after the fire but it was dangerous before the fire too. That was a kick in the guts in my opinion.

Something needs to be done now, the authorities and owners can no longer keep their heads in the sand, they are responsible!

Willow Court has so much tourism potential and would easily rival Port Arthur, however if buildings keep being destroyed one by one all we will be left with is a few Wards surrounded by maccas, supermarkets and housing. Taking that into account even if tourist took an interest in what’s left of the site it would take 20mins to walk around and then they will be on their way to spend their cash elsewhere.

Willow Court is not invincible its slowly vanishing and once its gone its gone forever.