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Willow Court- White Flower Memorial


ALLEGED abuse of children in care at the Royal Derwent Hospital was the focus of a memorial event in New Norfolk today.

The White Flower Memorial event was held at the new gates in front of the Willow Court historic site, coinciding with Human Rights Week and the 15th anniversary of the closure of Willow Court (November 17, 2000) and Royal Derwent (February 8, 2001).

In a press statement, spokesperson Dannii Lane said the purpose of the event was “to lay wreaths of white flowers in remembrance of those children who suffered and died while in care” at the hospital. “In practice it was a brutal asylum where children suffered human rights abuses, therefore it seems an appropriate time to remember the children of the Royal Derwent.”

Tasmanian Greens leader Cassy O’Connor was a guest speaker at the event, which was also attended by several Derwent Valley councillors including mayor Martyn Evans.

*** No information supporting the claims about child abuse at Royal Derwent Hospital and the Willow Court Centre was provided in the White Flower Memorial media release.**