WIN NEWS- Willow Court Tours

Great to see another group finally conducting tours over in Willow Court.

After Dark Night Tours have been conducting their tours on site for nearly 2 years and raising thousands for the site. We wish them well in their endeavour.

I wonder how their tours will be affected by the proposed developments at Willow Court???

Cr Anne Salt has urged the council to impose a 120-day moratorium to allow the council’s Friends of Willow Court Special Committee more time to develop its own plans for the site.

The timing of this news piece is fairly advantageous for the proposed moratorium.

WIN News Tasmania
18/9/18 · ·

The Derwent Valley Council and the Friends of Willow Court say they won't give up a fight to have the Willow Court and Barracks Precinct heritage-listed, despite the federal government knocking-back its most recent bid.

It comes as a small group of volunteers, work tirelessly to revitalize and encourage more visitors to the site.