Given that the website belongs to Mark Krause one would presume he wrote this post. I’m happy to be corrected.


The desperate smear campaign and attack on the film makers is getting very tiring and starting to become vindictive and to be honest a little immature, when you put it into context.


I was alerted on Monday by a few fans on facebook that my name was mentioned in one of  their posts.   (Thanks for the support guys)




In response to what he wrote, Mark has not either listened to what Ross Latham said in the audio piece or he is hoping you won’t, as what Mark documented on his post is not what Ross said or what is overall fact. We were given the Archive piece from State Archives as a whole that included children and people in strait jackets. We along with Ross agreed to take out children and people in strait jackets in the hope we won’t offend some people.


Mark also mentions that’s the DVC were lured into the project by giving back 100% of the profits, when in actual fact they approved the docco filming way back in 2009 based on the MOU, and the MOU made no mention of profits either way so how were they lured by $$ ????


This is what was written by Mark Krause on his website.

Perhaps Mark should have done the adult thing and actually contacted the film makers, the DVC or me personally for clarification before making what can only be seen a smear attack, why else drag this up perhaps its jealousy?

Mark K2

The post that Mark is referring too was written over 2 months ago , and before APIU decided on what portion we were going to put back into Willow Court as we wanted assurances  from the DVC whatever funds we gave them would only be spent on Willow Court and not other DVC projects.

If Mark actually contacted us we would have gladly informed Mark that 100% of the profits were going back to Willow Court, if he had asked!


For everyone’s information Mark knows very well we are giving 100% back to Willow Court. He was at the Council meeting on the 21/2/13 where it was stated by Cr Bromfield that we were giving back 100% of the profits and this motion was carried. This has also been minuted and available for viewing on the DVC website here is the link.

Why would Mark drag this up when he already knows the facts?

Is Mark really working for Willow Court or out to attack those you have a different opinion?

If Mark really upholds the values and principles of Site Of Conscious then surely an act like this does not fit into their philosophy.  

The upsetting thing is my Wife who has a joint account with myself on facebook has been unfairly dragged into this by publically naming names & posting a thumbnail photo. She is currently getting legal advice from our solicitor as to how she wants to pursue the matter.

With the amount of evidential correspondence myself, Aiden and Glenn from APIU  have had from this group of people we have more than enough for legal action.

I think it’s time to grow up and move on. Everyone is equal and everyone is entitled to their opinion free from this type of vile attack and defamation.

Isn’t this part of the reason why Willow Court closed down because people should be treated with dignity and fairness, free from abuse and not discriminated against for the age, sex, gender, ability/disability, religion or beliefs.

Please Mark I request that you end this attack and type of correspondence about APIU we don’t not appreciate it, and if you need to post about APIU make sure you have all the facts or contact us directly; after all I thought your website was supposed to be factual?


By the way don’t for get to tune into ABC 936 tomorrow morning to listen to me being interview by Ryk Goddard regarding the Docco.