Today on Under the Microscope, we are going to delve deeper into the MEDIA tab.

If you hover over the MEDIA tab at the top of the page it will bring up several options; Documents, Audio, and Video.

We are going to look at what’s hiding in the VIDEO section of the website.

The videos in here are via my YOUTUBE channel - Jarvo_325

I started filming these videos in around 2008 until the present day.
Some of the video's are a bit rough compared to today's HD standards.
At the time I was using the latest digital Video Camera equipment however technology has come along way.
YOUTUBE have also compressed a lot of the older videos making them look even worse.

I believe the videos in my YOUTUBE channel are priceless, and im very pleased that I was able to film these Wards before it was too late.

For people who never witnessed the Royal Derwent Wards before there demolition or perhaps Ward F before it was burnt down, you are able to embark on a video walk through and gain a bit of an understanding of what the wards looked like.

There is plenty of content in there to keep you occupied for hours, so sit back and enjoy!.

Direct Link: https://willowcourtproject.com/video/