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The Royal Derwent Hospital The First 10 Years 1968 -1977. I think I first met Lyell at his house in 2013 when he first started working on his book. I went to his place to show him the ECT Machine that I had from Willow Court/Royal Derwent Hospital and

July 06, 2022

Today David Bromfield shared an image on the Our New Norfolk Facebook group that for me really signified that the Oval Ward renovation is really happening. You can't blame many of us being sceptical on restorations, renovations proposals etc at Willow Court because over the years many have fallen over,

April 22, 2022

Just had to share some of the latest pics from Agrarian Kitchen showing the incredible transformation of the former Ward C Airing Yard, I could barely believe my eyes. Things are really changing over there.

January 20, 2022

DEPUTY prime minister Barnaby Joyce has announced a grant of more than $3.75 million to help Corumbene Care develop its Derwent Valley Health and Wellbeing Hub at New Norfolk. Corumbene plans to repurpose two heritage buildings at Willow Court, adjacent to the local Woolworths supermarket known as Ward D

October 13, 2021

Beer, Brewing and Willow Court for me is a match made in heaven. Being passionate about all 3 and being a Craft Brewer myself it was always a pipe dream of mine to have a brewery in Willow Court. I even themed my brewery in its honour Asylum Brewing Co.

September 03, 2021